First year’s concert

The theme for the 2014 first year’s concert was Newtons got talent.

The show started off with a BANG! We were all very excited and nervous as the line-up forced us to step out of our comfort zones.

Our first performance was an act we called “the single ladies” and was performed by all the first year guys. Never would they have imagined themselves in 10cm mini skirts’, pink wigs and stilettos!

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the act and so did the performers.

Next up we was “Gatvol/dancing big butts” which was a parody of Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball. The combination of these two performances was hilarious and the crowd went wild. The above two performances set an amazing tone for the rest of the show.

Next on our line-up was the “Leeuloop” which took the show to a whole new level of interesting. Mixed reactions were observed from the crowd, with some shrugging and some turning red in the face. This performance was well received.

Then we had a magic trick courtesy of Ntsane, which created a great atmosphere of unity at the show.

The finale…was called “The cup song” which started very well and is now topping the YouTube charts. Please go have a look.

The first year’s concert was exciting and extremely fun. Very stressful at first, but most importantly an amazing team building exercise for the first years and a good platform for the first years to socialize with the Newtons family.

I must congratulate the first year’s team: Daniel, Doreen, Eric, Luzanne, Nadia, Sharidon, Siseko, Tineke and Reatile; without you guys the concert would not have been a success. Thank you!
1st Years getting ready for the big show
1st Years getting ready for the big show “Newtons has Talent”
From left to right: Sharidon Williams, Daniel Lombaard, Eric Salley, Doreen Banyane, Luzanne Harmse, Tineke Erasmus-Nel, Reatile Tsolo, Siseko Tose, Nadia Tarr, Ntsane Rantekoa.
Nadia Luzanne and DoreenNadia, Luzanne and Doreen won over the judges with their brilliant performance “gatvol”




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IC Marais

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IC Marais is a certified CA (SA) with public sector and private sector technical knowledge based on 5 years’ Public Sector accounting, auditing and financial management experience and 5 years audit, tax and accounting experience. Detailed knowledge of private and public sector accounting and auditing standards (GRAP, IPSAS, IFRS, IAS, ISA) and public sector financial legislation (MFMA, etc.)

He enjoys the outdoors, hunting and fishing.


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In 1995, Schalk started as a trainee at Warner and Newton (which became Moores Rowland in 1997 and then Mazars Moores Rowland in 2007) in Bloemfontein. In 1998, Schalk was appointed as manager at Moores Rowland, where he became a partner in 2003. Schalk received his Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Taxation in 2006 and in 2009 he received his Certificate in the Administration of Estates.


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Cedric started as a trainee at Warner and Newton (which became Moores Rowland in 1997 and Mazars Moores Rowland in 2007), Bloemfontein, in 1986. After completion of his articles, he joined the Special Investigations Division of the Department of Finance (SA Revenue Services) as a senior inspector from 1990 to 1991.


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Lucha started her career as a tax inspector at the Inland Revenue Department of New Zealand. After this she worked in commerce in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

On her return to South Africa, she completed her CA training contract with us and has been with Newtons ever since. She became a Partner in 2012.

Apart from her CA(SA) qualification she also holds a postgraduate certificate in Advanced Taxation (2005) and has the overall responsibility for training as our Training Officer.